Running tips for winter

A how-to-guide on keeping your spirits up and about when it gets dark and cold.


The alarm goes off at the usual 6 ‘o’ clock. You peer out of the quilt and steal a glance at the window. Still dark outside. You hit snooze and lay deliberating within the warm cocoon. Should the training session be postponed for later?! The mobile phone buzzes again, shaking you out of the slumber. The goal list, pinned to the night stand, shines out. Resolute, you jump out of bed. Weak or cold, no more.


A seasoned runner would realise the importance of training in winters. Getting up and out on the track early in the morning is an absolute imperative. Not only can one put in their best effort with a thoroughly rested body but, also it jump starts the metabolism for the day. Calorie burnout is higher than usual as the body fights to maintain a stable core temperature. However, stepping into the cold and damp morning air straight out of bed is not advisable. Dedicating a few minutes to vigorous exercises, such as jumping jacks, that can be done within the house may be useful to warm up the system. The importance of reflective wear and blinkers in keeping out of harm’s way, while it’s still dark, cannot be understated. On the way back, a gradual cool down is key to avoid a sudden drop in body temperature. Additional clothing may be utilised to keep warm even post workout.


Clothing is another important aspect that must be paid attention to. India’s wide geographical expanse harbors a variety of climatic conditions throughout seasons. Temperature down south may not be as freezing as in the valleys of Himachal. Hence, a single rule of thumb cannot be applied while choosing running wear. Typically, a combination of 2-3 layers works well. The base layer should wick moisture and trap body heat close to the skin aiding thermoregulation. The mid layer should be thermoregulating as well. The outer layer should fulfill the dual purpose of being wind and water repellant along with being breathable. The primary layer for bottom should be thermoregulating and, wind and water repellant. An extra pair of shorts may be worn over the core layer to provide additional warmth. The Hypawarm collection by Wildcraft provides good options to choose from this season.


Tested the Wildcraft’s Hypawarm collection in sub zero temperatures on Pindari Ultra Trail Run: Click here for a short video of the run. 

When you draft your training schedule this winter, it is important to bear in mind that consistency and gradual increase in load are key to the success of any plan. The adversities and challenges tackled on the track or trail will only make you stronger. While the one’s who weren’t brave enough to give up the comfort of their beds are rusty in the spring, you’d surely find acing races and personal goals a cake walk!

This article also appeared on on 7th December, 2015.



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