Thanda Thanda Pani

Benefits of bathing in cold water


(Glacial waters enroute Rupin pass, Himachal Pradesh, India)

I still remember those early mornings on school days, when I used to stand under the shower loathing to turn on the cold water. On such days the thought of skipping the water splurging ritual (which it was in merrier times when the geyser worked) crossed my mind more than once but for the strict ordnance passed by father, I HAD to get under that piercing water cannon.

Of late, this view has changed and I have started enjoying cold baths; its not only Sanjeev Kumar who endorses, ‘thande thande pani se nahana chahiye, gana aaye  ya na aaye nahana chahiye’ (Wherther or not one knows how to sing, one should bathe in cold water). Not only does bathing in cold water or an ice bucket challenge earns you bragging rights about your guts, especially in this wintery North Indian weather but, incidentally it is also beneficial for sore muscles. If you work out, a cold bath may aid in speedy recovery (much like an ice bath that elite athletes indulge in). Moreover, cold baths even increase alertness and invigorate mood since the oxygen intake increases in an attempt to keep the body warm, increasing blood circulation as well as the heart rate; this has a positive effect on immunity as well as supports weight loss (since calories are burned to keep the body warm).

People like to think that it is not easy to make the thanda thanda pani part of daily routine, instantly; however, take the word of the Veteran of cold showers ‘its all about the mental resolve to overcome the first dip, the first mug or the first splash and it only gets better from thereon.’


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