…and how to go about it.


I have taken up the sport of slacklining quite recently. It is the finesse of measured movements and the precision with which one has to balance on this hyper active and ever dancing piece of tape that attracted me to it. Also, the kind of performances athletes such as Dean Potter have rendered on a high line, have inspired me to try my hand or rather feet on the line.

As a climber, I have found the slackline quite useful in developing faculties to identify my zone, increase focus and enhance my footwork. In addition, the line has also helped me exercise certain muscles of the feet and is a good workout for the core and thighs as well.

In this post, I am sharing certain pointers that will help you in getting started with the slackline.

Step 1

Establish the line on two solid anchor points.

Step 2

Tighten the line and make sure it is taut. A tighter line is easier to walk on.

Step 3

To get up, place a foot on the line and put down a little weight on it holding the line closer to the inner thigh (of the other leg); this will keep the line from swaying.

Step 4

Get up instantly on the foot placed on the line, putting down all of your weight on the leading leg. Keep only one leg on the line at a time. Try to keep the leg straight and maintain the center of the pelvic portion parallel to the slackline.

Step 5

Keep the arms a bit outstretched and use your hands to balance just like a balancing pole.

Step 6

Keep your gaze fixed onto something, preferably look straight; this will aid in focusing.

Step 7

Synchronize your breath with your steps and try to achieve a rhythm.


You can even watch this simple how to video I have made on this subject.

Do leave your comments and experience with the line.


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